Got Netflix?

This is the current funny book I'm reading.

I love to laugh. If given the choice between a tear-jerker movie or a comedy, I will choose the comedy 10 times out of 10. Even when I think, “Shoot, that serious, non-comedy movie looks good, and EVERYBODY is going to be talking about it. We better go see it, so we can hang with the cool people's conversation.” I usually still can't get myself to go see it. Or rent it. Or get it via Hulu, Netflix, or whatever the latest “get movies without going to Blockbuster” trend is.

Tonight I had dinner with my girlfriends from soccer. We didn't play together. We sat on the sidelines together, while our daughters played on the same club team for several years until they left for college. So, there is always a good amount of laughter when we get together. And, there is usually a catching up of what shows, movies, and/or books we are currently into. Both Terri and Pat are really getting good at watching entire seasons or even series' of TV shows via Netflix. I don't know how they do it. I am still catching up on my current bunch of recorded shows from this season (and maybe last season). I have a short list of two or three highly recommended shows that I haven't been able to watch yet. Those may become my “possibly can catch it on Netflix” shows. In fact, I discovered that both Terri and Pat have each started a new Netflix show/series since our last dinner. It looks like I'm going to have to work on my time management a little, so can have a Netflix show/series the next time we get together. Maybe when my current shows from this season go into re-runs, I'll try to add one of my Netflix possible shows. We'll see. I don't even know if we still have Netflix…which makes me chuckle to myself.



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