Perfectly Poised to Pump Iron

The ice covered trees.

I sat down to reflect on my day and it started out sounding a little negative. I don't think it was or needs to be, so I'm going to switch it up a little.

I feel nicely rested after today. [Translated from: I didn't workout today.] The ice covered trees looked very beautiful when I woke up this morning. [Translated from: I woke up to an icy mess that shutdown schools and delayed the opening of some businesses.] I enjoyed a much needed break from running around and doing household chores. It was delightful. [Translated from: I was home almost all day and didn't really accomplish anything.] I was lucky the ice was melting steadily throughout the day, so I was able to get out to the grocery store to pick up a few items I needed for tonight's dinner. [Translated from: I went to pull the ground beef from the freezer for tonight's dinner and realized I didn't have any. Ugh! I had to go to the grocery store.]

I was really on the ball this morning. I called to get into the 10:45 Body Pump class for tomorrow. That way if schools are delayed, I will still be able to get in a workout. Then, after getting a reminder text from Sue, I also called to get into the noon Body Pump class, in case there is no delay and I can swim first. So I have myself perfectly positioned for a win-win, no matter what happens weather-wise. [Translated from: Oh, for Heaven's sake, weather! Get it together! I can't live like this. No one should have to make two separate weather contingency calls to two separate clubs just to be able to work out. Come on, now. That's crazy.]

So, as you can see I had a positively nice, relaxing day and am ready to go for tomorrow. [No translation needed!]



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