Weather Worries Postpone Rest

Peek a boo! I see you!


Today I woke up determined to not workout. My body was beyond exhausted. So, I told myself, “stay home and rest. It doesn't matter what the weather is going to be tomorrow.” Well, that worked until about 10:00ish. I was getting tweet after tweet about the “Return of the Ice Age!“ And, I started to think I should get to the pool and do what I could, even though I would be really late. Certainly resting one day was fine, even great. But, resting two days seemed like torture. Then, I decided I would try to get into a noon Body Pump class. It was 10:20 AM. I called the club. The noon class had 12 people on the wait list. “But, wait,” the woman says. “There is a class at 10:45 at Supreme. Can you make it?” I am trying to do the “mental math” to figure out if I can make it, which was a waste of time since there are too many variables on the long or short trip down Snowden River Parkway. And, I don't do math in my head or on paper, if I can avoid it. So, the heck with it. I decided to go for it. It was really questionable whether I would make it, but I changed and raced from the house. I passed an accident and hit every red light. I don't know how, but I did make it! I am so glad I did. The instructor was one of my long ago favorite aerobics and abs teachers. Woohoo! Loved that. And, now when it either ices, snows or just plain rains again overnight tonight, depending, of course, upon which of the Miser brothers wins control of our area, I will be glad that I got a great weights workout with Janet today, after all.

I am not the only one annoyed by this winter that I once considered lovely. Both kids are are getting frustrated with the weather, also. The one in the south is tired of rain and would love to get some snow. The one in the north is very done with the snow, and can't even begin to imagine how difficult digging her car out of the foot of predicted snow will be. So, the major blahs of winter are upon us. For those who get stranded, I recommend curling up with a good book, a funny one if possible, and laughing the day away tomorrow. For those wishing they would get stranded, I say, “Hang in there! You will be enjoying the warm, sunny days long before we will!”

The photos on the blog today are cute ones John took this morning before work.



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