A Doozy of a Double

I had been watching the weather over the past few days, and yesterday seemed like a critical day to get in a good, solid workout. Mostly because the first couple days of this week were looking to be iffy at best. I was happy to get into yoga in the morning. It was a super workout. More heavy work than stretchy work. The weather was a warmish 52 degrees when I was got home. I had mentioned to John how I felt I (we) really needed to get out on our bikes and enjoy the mild weather, since it looked like we were in for “the big one,” snow storm-wise. So, we had lunch and John got the bikes loaded up. I was very fatigued from yoga, but managed to change my clothes from yoga-girl to cycling-girl, refilled my water bottle, and we were off. We decided the Airport Loop ride would be our best bet, in as much as it seemed the most likely to be snow and ice free. And, for the most part it was. When we got to the trail, it didn't seem as warm out as advertised. But, compared to the polar vortexes we've experienced lately, it was warm enough. We decided we needed to get home as soon as we could, so we tried to ride as fast as possible. Ouch. We made great time, almost fell when we hit a big patch of slush, and only had to stop a couple times for an extra minute or two after the biggest hills to rest and grab a drink of water. Whew! Let it snow, right?!! At some point later in the afternoon, as I was barely able to move, it hit me. I bet I jinxed the weather into staying north of us by doing a double workout. And, sure enough, I have awakened to rain. And no school closings. And therefore no cancellation of Masters. Hurray? I guess if I can pull my suit on and make it to my car, I can make it to Masters. I'm sure all this pain is good for me. So, I'm going to give it a go.

My first photos of a couple of our bird friends taken with John's new camera.



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