Too Empty in the Nest Today


We must be hitting a bit of a rough patch in our Empty Nest. Because, yes, yes we did just buy a new camera…to photograph the BIRDS in our yard. Sound crazy? Maybe. Then, we went racing off to Mother Nature's in Columbia to buy bird food. While becoming overwhelmed at our bird food (and anti squirrel food) choices, we checked out the heated bird baths. I'm ready to jump right in and get one, but John (with the new camera) was a little unsure about it. So, no bird bath yet (for our little darlings). After consulting with the wonderful gal working there, we picked two varieties of food that we are going to mix together in hopes of keeping the Cardinals and getting some Blue Jays. We got the “Songbird Mix,” which has the sunflower seeds in the shells, and the picky bird variety, known at the store as “Dave's No-Mess Blend,” which has the sunflower seeds out of the shell already. We brought the feeder right in when we got home, so we could make our new special blend. Every time I go out and get the feeder, I swear I feel the penetrating stares of a multitude of beady little bird eyes on me. Then, as soon as I get the filled feeder back outside, it's a ghost town in our yard. Come out, come out little birdies. We have a new camera to try out.

The Bird Baths at Mother Nature's


And, under the heading of further evidence we are a little too empty in our own nest…Why yes, yes we did spend close to half an hour staring at the computer looking at the cutest dogs and puppies you've ever seen. Breeds that we had not ever heard about until we got caught up in the pre-game hoopla of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X. Now, we have mental notes to ourselves to keep those breed names in mind, while knowing full well that we will likely end up at the pound again to get our next dog…When the time is right. Which is not now. But, boy were they cute. I had to chuckle to myself at how obvious it is that we are both missing the kids and Chipper today.

Some of the Large Selection of Bird Food at Mother Nature's



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