Swim, Lunch, Yoga Monday Reunion

Today we had a “Swim, Lunch, Yoga Monday” girls reunion. It was so fun. Our friend Linda came into town last night for the weekend. That meant, in addition to meeting us for lunch, she was able to join us for our Masters practice this morning. Yay! So, we swam first. Then, just like the old days, we walked over to the Bagel Bin for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with everyone. We talked, we laughed, we kept talking and kept laughing. I think we stayed there for two hours. I realized as I was driving home how much I miss that connection I had with those friends. I know I've mentioned how much that Swim, Lunch, Yoga day meant to me in past posts. But, the friendships we built over those years of Mondays are very cool. And, it was never more obvious to me than it was today. What a blessing! Three of the five of us are already empty nesters. Four of the five of us have recent college graduates or have seniors graduating this coming May. What a difference a few years make in terms of our topics of conversation. It used to be all about PTA and school-related stuff. Now, we are talking about what the kids are doing post college, such as, where will they find jobs, when are they moving out, and how are they going about trying to find an apartment? As our visit was ending, we talked about planning a girls weekend for next Fall. I can't wait!



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