Didn’t Rock It, but Happy to Roll With It


This year's USMS One Hour Postal Swim is in the books. And, by that I mean it's done. No records were set, so it's in the books and not the record books. But I made some interesting discoveries about myself this year. Here is my event recap. I felt mentally discombobulated for most of the race. I didn't calm myself down for quite sometime. I'm not new to this event, so I'm not sure why I couldn't focus better. I typically take about 20 minutes or so to warm up. I didn't have time to do that today, so I was feeling tight for a good chunk of the swim, which is normal for these swims for me. That is more or less the downside of my swim. The upsides are pretty good. First and foremost, at the end of the race, I could have kept swimming. In fact, I couldn't believe the hour was over already. And while I wasn't feeing super strong or really in the zone, I felt good. In the past, I would get out after trying to sprint for an hour feeling horrible. I'd have a sinus headache, I'd be nauseous from working so hard for that length of time, and I'd feel a little dizzy and lightheaded from going from horizontal to standing (and probably from slight dehydration) at the end of the swim. I felt none of those ill effects. I was surprised at how fit and literally not done I felt. Looking at my total yardage for today, it was less than I've been doing lately. My friend Traci joked with me in the locker room afterwards that next year we need to do the 2 Hour Swim! But, alas it doesn't exist, so that won't happen. My Garmin Swim watch did a decent job of counting and timing, although it didn't delete my couple of warm up laps. It also may have gotten some of my split times a little screwy. i think it had me going :41 seconds for a 100 yards. let's just say that is not humanly possible for this human. I am completely OK with my performance today. I am most excited to see how my overall level of fitness has increased so nicely. And, although I'm a little disappointed I didn't rock it, I'm happy to roll with it. Been there, done that, got the swim cap.



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