Peace for My Community

Not all yoga classes are the same. I go to a couple of different yoga classes, depending on my schedule. I know I have said this before. But, when I go to Julia's level II/III class on Sunday morning, I know I am going to love it. I haven't made it to her class in weeks, as I realized this morning. At some time near the start of each of her classes, she asks us to “set our intentions for today's practice.” I love that. I can dedicate my efforts to whatever I want to every time I practice. However, today, because of the suffering and sadness our community is experiencing as a result of the shootings at the Mall, we (all 31 of us, including Julia) did a chant for peace specifically for our community. We chanted Om Shanti Shanti Shanti three times. It, as all our chants do, sounded really cool. It wasn't until just a few moments ago that it occurred to me that there is a weights gym right next to our room. We will occasionally hear the clanging sounds of weights being dropped to the floor. I wonder if any of the weight lifters heard us, and if we sounded as impressive to them as I think we sound. Probably they are concentrating on their own workouts and not listening to ours. After that chant, Julia asked us to set our intentions for our practice. I was so glad to be back at class. I need those stretches and that mindfulness. And that peace. I am very grateful that yoga is a part of my fitness regime. It's good for me, and maybe today our chant of peace was good for many. Namaste.



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