Gazing Out into Swirling Snow

Gazing out into the swirling snow,

Where the trees and grass now cease to grow

The fierce unrest

another of winter’s tests,

Have put on quite a show

Gazing out into the trees

Where the birds flit from branch to branch with ease

Before snatching the seeds from the feeder below, then darting back out in the breeze

Gazing out upon the snowy ground

The elusive cardinal makes his landing

He stays but a second, not making a sound,

and then he’s off again with a bound

It appears that this bird will not be caught standing around

Gazing out into this wintery world

I enjoy the peace of nature unfurled,

I sit in place my knees drawn up in a curl, just watching the outside world

A wintery white blur.

I wrote this post this morning before I heard about the tragedy that took place in my community. I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life at The Mall in Columbia today. My prayers and deepest condolences to everyone affected by this sad event. #HoCoBlogs


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