Made it to Long Swim Day

The “Zicam Experiment” is going better than I could have imagined. I not only was able to make to swim practice this morning, but I did a pretty tough and long (yardage-wise) workout and stayed after for the post practice long swim. Today was the last of our planned long swim days to prepare for the One Hour Postal Swim, which we are doing next week. I had high hopes for an even better long swim after enjoying such a good one last week. However, due to my battle vs. a cold and our hard practice, I opted for a different plan. My original goal was to swim as many yards as possible in 45 minutes. However, since I had a lot less left in the tank today, I decided to swim a 1000 yards and see how I felt after that. I did it and felt pretty tired. I was able to get the additional yardage in for the 5300 yard grand total, which was good news. I didn't know what to expect, but am pretty happy to have matched last week's long swim day yardage total. I would have been really happy had I remembered to grab my Garmin Swim watch. I left it at home so I had to count my own laps…so old school!


In other good news, John and I have set the dates for the weekends we are going to visit the kids at their schools–they just don't know it yet! I'm sure they will be thrilled we are coming. But, just in case “thrilled” isn't exactly the word they would use to describe our visits, we probably will have homemade goodies, like cookies or banana bread, to sweeten the deal. We also made reservations for Alex to come home for a short visit at the end of his Spring Break. Now, we just need to start penciling in some cycling on the Rail Trails, and I will be relieved to have some plans in the works.

This is a picture I took from along The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail Park, part of the National Rail-Trail Network.



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