Anticipating Some Bad Hair Days

Yesterday, while I was starting to feel under the weather, I had a pretty decent grasp of what I had on my calendar, and what I needed to do that didn't make it as an actual line item on my calendar. Not writing down things I want to do, say, buy, write, or whatever in the future (the future in this case is anything immediately proceeding now) is risky. It is risky because I don't always remember every little (or medium-sized) thing from one minute to the next anymore. So, when I checked my calendar yesterday, I noticed my hair appointment was scheduled for 4:00 PM today. I thought, that's perfect. John won't be home until later, so I can get dinner started afterwards, and etc. Today, however, I did not remember the appointment at all, and therefore didn't go. When they called to see if I was on my way, I was so disappointed with myself for not remembering the appointment and then not calling to cancel. Even though I was home not feeling very well, I wish I would have remembered it. It can be difficult to get on my favorite hair stylist's calendar. But hopefully I won't have too much trouble getting in soon. If not, I anticipate some bad hair days in my future. One other item on my mental to do list, was to remember to send Alyssa a “good luck with your first day of classes” text message. Thankfully I remembered to do that pretty much as soon as I got up this morning. Of the two items I had on the agenda for today, I'm glad that I remembered the one not written down and sent the text to Alyssa. And, though I've done practically nothing today but read my Twitter feed and some blogs written by other bloggers, I don't feel as horrible as I could be feeling. I didn't sleep well at all, so I am surprised I'm feeling on the plus side of OK. Not great, but much better than horrible. Hopefully this means Judy's super antidote is working for me! That would be particularly awesome news since my last chance for a long swim is tomorrow. I really, really want to feel up to swimming by morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “Anticipating Some Bad Hair Days

  1. Hi Miss Angie,

    Hope you are feeling better. Katie is now following your blog as well.

    Stay warm.

    Pat G.

    On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 6:56 PM, AngieKozBlogs

    • Hi Pat!
      Thanks for the well wishes! I’m excited to have Katie following my blog, too! I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment!
      Take Care!

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