The Battle has Begun

I am not admitting defeat. Not by a long shot. I am declaring war. I went out today in the single digit temperatures to buy my arsenal. I am feeling well-armed and ready for battle. I am taking the remedy that my friend Judy swears by when a cold starts to rear its ugly head at her house. I am hoping that the combination of Judy's preferred cold fighters and my use of a humidifier, drinking lots of water, and doing very little today, will mean I will feel great by morning. In the meantime, I have also declared war on my bathroom rugs. They needed to be washed and are now sloshing around in the washing machine. I feel better already. The freshly cleaned humidifier has started to churn out its moisture. The rugs are on their little journey back to clean, and now I can sit back and enjoy my book…until I need to take my next round of cold fighting tablets.



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