Weather Waited for Weights Class

John's Photo of the Cardinal in the Snow 1-21-14


What a relief! The weather held off long enough to allow the fitness classes that begin before 10:00 AM to be held as scheduled. I was shocked, but thrilled. We never (I'm pretty sure it's not happened before) get to have class when bad weather is coming. I ended up deciding to go to my Total Conditioning class, despite every indication we are going to be snowed in tomorrow, which will mean no swim practice. I really prefer to swim, but I am sticking with the weights for my own good. Today was heavy weights day, so I wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, though, due to the snow falling and the predictions of certain doom, our teacher ended class early. I stayed a little longer and did some exercises on my own, so I'm hopeful I'll be sore and satisfied with my weights workout in the morning.

This afternoon, as the snow started to accumulate, the birds that visit our bird feeder started to come out in number. John has really taken to watching them, too. We finally got to enjoy seeing the beautiful male and female cardinals with the snow as the backdrop today. What a sight! Now both of us are stalking the birds with our cameras. Well, I'm actually stalking them with my iPhone, but it's the same idea. At one point, we had a National Geographic quality shot staring us in the face. John was in the family room standing still as a statue. I was in the kitchen, and the two cardinals (a male and a female) landed in the snow for a perfect picture. However, John's camera was near me. My phone was in Twitter mode and not picture mode, so I made a gliding move to grab the camera. I quickly ducked down below the window, so as not to scare the birds. As I continued moving toward John with the camera in my hand, I then executed a perfect ninja roll into the family room. I landed on the floor on my stomach, pulled the camera into position ready to take The Shot of The Year, and…the camera lens was locked into place, and the camera was off, and as John reached down to help me get the camera adjusted to get the shot, the birds were flitting off to different locations in the yard and nearby trees. So, long story short, I never got even one picture with his camera. I stand up to give John his camera back, and he is smiling and saying how he wished he had had his video camera to capture my ninja roll. By this time it is starting to get dark, so we put the camera away for the night. We needed to get the soup on the stove, anyway.



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