Not Quite Smooth Sailing



We had a delicious “good luck/back to school meal” tonight. Alyssa requested steaks, baked potatoes and asparagus for her special, homemade dinner. What a great choice. Everything tasted amazing. It was so fun to be able to grill out at this time of the year. I wasn't sure the weather would cooperate, but it was fine. I think we are getting another polar vortex-style cold spell this week (yay), but it was mild tonight. So, the grilling was good. Afterwards, we made a couple of dinners for Alyssa to take back to school, so she won't have to go shopping immediately upon getting to her townhouse. And, since we have heard it has been snowing there, she was thrilled to have some goodies to take back. Whew! I'm ready to be done in the kitchen already. Fortunately, when I went to the store earlier, I made sure I planned a few easy dinners for John and me for at least the start of this week. I don't want to begin the week by having to go out to dinner. It can be as depressing to me as buying milk by the quart instead of the gallon. Nothing says “We are old now” like a quart of milk. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm feeling the start of the emptiness of the empty nest. I am working really hard to stay focused on the great things I have going on, but we have a lot less of what I would consider fun planned at this point. In the Fall, we had weekend travel and biking plans, which was very fun (and exhausting). But we haven't confirmed anything (except for maybe some household projects) for this semester until Alyssa's graduation, which seems very far off, at this time. Well, I really thought I was going to be sailing smoothly and happily into round two of our empty nest. But, I guess not completely smoothly or completely happily.





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