Happy Coincidence

The other day I had thoughts of how different this summer will be with the kids not participating in any of their usual sports. I have such great memories of the summers as the kids were growing up. A lot of those great memories were because while the kids were having fun swimming on summer swim team and playing soccer with their friends, John and I were enjoying our social lives with the parents who were our friends in those circles. It is a lot harder to keep in touch with friends from those activities when you don't see them everyday any more. So, what a surprise for me today! I saw Lois, a dear friend from our summer swim team days. A lot of great memories from when we were all on the Marlins came back to me. And, we were able to catch up quite a bit, which was so nice. I was working at a swim meet for the swim shop, and Lois had come to the meet to see her niece swim. What a happy coincidence! Now, hopefully, we will be able to meet for dinner or brunch sometime soon and chat and laugh just like in the old days of past summers. Very soon, John and I will be back to an Empty Nest, so we should have some time.



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