Coach Sue added up my yardage and added the smile and cheers!

Earlier this week, I was so tired I really wasn't feeling it at practice. I didn't feel like I had had anything particularly awesome about the swim itself nor did I feel particularly great afterwards. But, today I had awesomeness. Today was the first Friday we were given the chance to do a long swim after our normal Masters practice to prepare for our 1 Hour Postal swim at the end of the month. The One Hour USMS Postal Swim is a swim that teams do in their own pools and then mail the results to the host team, who tabulates the results. The goal is to swim as many yards as you can in one hour. So, we swam 3300 yards for practice. It wasn't too demanding of a practice because we have several swimmers competing in a meet this weekend. But, it was still work. I tried to be very realistic about what I'd be able to do after the practice. I didn't want to completely fall apart, physically. So, I asked our Coach, Sue, to set her watch for 30 minutes. I decided I wanted to see how I'd do at that point. My hopes were that I would be at a mile or a little over. And, I felt pretty good when I got started. I kept a pretty steady pace for the first bunch of 100s. I ended up with 1750 yards (which is about a mile in the swimming world…and yes, there are real miles and then there is the swim competition mile) in 30 minutes! I'm so happy and proud of myself. I did a 250 yard cool down after the 30 minutes for 2000 extra yards, which added to the 3300 for practice is the most I've logged in a single practice in my adult Masters swimming life. I am really excited to see how I do next week. We have one more Friday long swim/postal practice. I'm going to have Sue set the clock at 45 minutes for me. Hour Postal, here I come!



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