Summer on My Mind

Somehow I ended up doing laundry again tonight. I tried to put if off until the weekend, but Alyssa mentioned she needed several things…and that it was only Tuesday. So, I did a quick couple of loads that night and felt great about being ahead of it, at least temporarily. Then, tonight I realized I still had a couple of loads that had Alyssa clothes in them. I did those loads mostly because we are in the countdown zone for Alyssa heading back to school. In a week or two, I'm sure I'll be sad I have only laundry for two left to do. Or not. Probably not sad about the laundry part. We'll see. I may need to institute a “two outfits a day” rule this summer though, because there has been a lot of extra dirty clothes this week. I'm not sure why, but, sheesh. Enough already.

Speaking of this summer, it is going to be a very different one for us. It looks like it will be our first summer in close to 14 years that we won't have a soccer schedule to consider when planning, well, anything. And, it will be the first summer in almost the same number of years that we won't have a Columbia Neighborhood Swim League (Summer Swim Team) schedule to consider. This will be weird. And, a little sad for me. However, there is an awesome side to this. The awesome part is that now I will be free to participate in a couple Open Water Swims, which I have been wanting to do recently. At practice on Wednesday, a couple of us got really excited about trying to do two swims in particular. So, I do have that to look forward to. And, I am very excited to get into the planning and training aspects of doing those swims…especially knowing how much I will miss the kids swimming and soccer.




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