One Happy Blogger

I was a little worried this morning that I may have gotten my expectations a bit too high about the party for Howard County Bloggers and their readers at Alexandra's Restaurant at Turf Valley this evening. I quickly dismissed that notion by remembering my many motivations for going. I was looking forward to meeting new bloggers, reconnecting with ones I had met at the last event, and enjoying a nice dinner out with my husband and daughter. Well, my expectations still stayed on the high side. It's amazing how happy I am when I don't have to make dinner (just kidding…sort of). And I was not disappointed. In fact, the party exceeded my already high-ish expectations. I had a fantastic time tonight. My daughter and husband had a great time. Each of us said several times how glad we were that we came to the party. And I was thrilled that John and Alyssa had agreed to come with me. I met new people in the blogging community, and I got to visit with folks I haven't seen in a long time. The party was wonderful. Alexandra's treated us like “A Listers.” We had gourmet hors d'oeuvres, drinks, music, and a room packed with community-minded people. We were also treated to a couple of drink mixing demonstrations, magic tricks, and a staff that was very happy to have us. It was a total delight. I am already excited for the next HoCoBlogs event. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing network/framework within which to blog, create, connect, interact, learn and share. Thank you, Alexandra's for rolling out the red carpet treatment for us tonight. Thank you, Jessie and HoCoBlogs for arranging this party (and all you do to build and enhance our community)! @HoCoBlogs #HoCoFood

Both photographs of the Delicious Desserts provided by Alexandra's Restaurant



3 thoughts on “One Happy Blogger

  1. Thanks for coming out, Angie, and for your sweet follow-up blog post. Seems some of the OMHS alum are bringing the family vibe with them: you with your husband and daughter, Lisa G/R with her dad and her blogging son and OM resident Kirsten with her husband and dancing daughter. I like that. A community includes more than adults (of course) and that people feel comfortable to bring some of their family members along makes me happy.

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