Adjusting Then Readjusting

There are still a bunch of little and not so little adjustments I find myself needing to make to keep up with whatever the current status is of our nest. We are at half full or plus one at the moment. Alyssa is home for about another week. I have almost completely made the transition back to cooking, shopping, and getting the laundry done for three of us. I should have it completely nailed by the time she heads out the door for her last semester of college. It has been slowly creeping into my awareness, especially today, that John and I should be about 100 per cent used to being empty nesters when she returns. And when she returns it will be for an as yet unspecified amount of time. Meanwhile, Alex will be coming home for spring break and then summer break. So, just when John and I can start to feel like we really have the hang of the whole empty nest, to breaks, to empty nest, it's going to change. Again. So, I was giving myself a little pep talk earlier along the lines of “don't get too comfortable with what you think it is going to be like to have the kids coming and going, just hang out and try to go with the flow…” I can do that for now. I guess I'll see if I remember my own pep talk when the kids get back here this summer. In the meantime, I am excited about the party at Alexandra's Restaurant at Turf Valley tomorrow evening for Howard County bloggers and their readers. I went to my first HoCoBlogs party by myself, but this time I have two of my readers coming with me, Alyssa and John. Hurrah! We are all really looking forward to it. It's Restaurant Week, so we are planning to enjoy the party and stay for dinner. That gets a extra Hurrah! from me for not having to cook tomorrow night! @HoCoBlogs



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