A Bird Stake Out

I am currently sitting in the shadows of my family room on a bird stake out. I can see that those little guys have been eating the bird food out of the feeder. It's half full. So where are they? I thought if I sat here long enough (and hidden enough) I'd catch them. So far, no luck. It's a mild, sunny day, so I thought they would be flying around, singing, and eating at my bird feeder. I would be out enjoying the day, if it were closer to the 60 degrees predicted for today. I had planned for John and I to go for a bike trail ride today, in fact. But, it was too cold and windy earlier when we would have needed to leave. So, I spent the day, so far, doing laundry and dusting. Yuk. Going for a bike ride would have been way more fun. Alyssa is back, so our nest is half full even though our feeder is empty (of birds, not food). I bet the birds are eating and playing in back yards with birdbaths…heated ones.



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