No Urgency

Well, the house is very quiet again. The nest is temporarily empty (just for the weekend for now). So John and I get to test drive the empty nest in the winter. There is no sense of urgency. There is no, “I wonder if (fill in blank with one or both of the kids name/s) needs me to do something for him/her/them?” It means I'm back to just doing what I need or want to do for me (and John and the house). It is a strange feeling to get all that mental and actually time back. It is nice, but different. Fortunately, we have a bunch of house cleaning and sorting things we are going to attack today. I think I've gotten all the interior Christmas decorations down, re-boxed, and back down to the basement. Although inevitably I will notice some little knickknack that I missed. That was phases one and two of that chore. John is going to do some storage area cleaning/tossing. Then, for the final phase of this endeavor, we'll get all the Christmas stuff back in its place until next year. Although, having just come from my new favorite Spin Class with Rustin, I might not have enough energy to move anything! And, at this point, I am not looking favorably on taking the stairs. Maybe I will read my book and see how I feel later. There is no urgency.



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