Perfect Situation For Garmin Swim Watch

This is the Main Pool also known as “The Hot Pool.”

Today became about making unsweetened lemonade out of the lemons the weather threw at me. The weather this morning did not cooperate. It was icy and terrible and Masters was cancelled. I was really annoyed. I knew this was a possibility, but I was really hoping we'd have practice. I was trying to switch gears and accept that I'd be swimming on my own in the “hot pool,” when I remembered I have a Garmin Swim training watch. I had not used it very much because it doesn't track drill or kick sets, which I do at least one of each in every practice. I had wanted the Garmin to train for long swims, such as one mile open water swims. Today was the perfect day to use it, since I was planning to do a long swim. Yay! Lemonade. I was still a little bitter (unsweetened) about having to swim in the hot pool, but I did manage to swim a lot of yards (for me). I swam 4100 yards total, including a nice long kick set. And, the pool wasn't crowded, so I only had to split the lane for a few minutes until the other gal finished up her workout. Then I had the lane to myself. I am still getting used to the watch. I stopped at 2100 yards to gulp down some water, but I didn't pause it correctly. There was also a mystery 25 yards on it that I'm not sure about. But, I'll figure it out. So, today ended up being a good day to practice using the watch, since I was swimming by myself. And, I did get a swim in, so I really shouldn't complain. Now, I will ask my engineer husband to help me download the workout from the watch onto the computer, so I can really see what I did today! @garmin @HoCoBlogs



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