Simply Delicious

Lucky, grateful, fortunate… Well, you get the idea. We were invited to my parents house for dinner tonight. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Especially when it's made by someone else. I sometimes (or frequently) whine about what to make for dinner. And, I knew last night when my mom called that I had nothing planned for tonight's dinner. So, her invitation came at a perfect time, and it worked out really nicely for us to go over there. My mom has been watching cooking shows and home shows since they have been rising in popularity, that is to say, for years. The one that inspired our dinner (and subsequent invitation) was from a show with a pioneer woman. I don't watch those shows so I have no idea who this woman is, but dinner was delicious. And, while the pioneer woman can whip up a great looking and tasting meal and make it look easy, mom was working hard in the kitchen all afternoon. She made Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti, a salad, and special garlic-style bread. We had homemade apple sauce with organic cinnamon served hot with whipped cream topping. Sounds simple, right? It was simply delicious! I wish I would have taken a picture–it looked great too. My mom's dinner inspired both me and Alyssa to want to make some new dishes. I don't think I will go so far as to start watching cooking shows, but I may click around on the internet to see if anything hits me. Or I will ask around at the pool. My swimmer friends can be good recipe resources, too. We'll see if I get my inner pioneer woman to come up with something new.

My photo is of our host and hostess on their 50th Wedding Anniversary – my parents.



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