The Urge to Purge: Post Holiday Cleaning

The weather was indeed very cold today thanks to the polar vortex. I decided it was not cold enough to keep me from my Total Conditioning class, which on a normal Tuesday is packed close to capacity. So, I thought for sure it would be at or over capacity today, filled with the “Resolutioners.” Fortunately, the ridiculously cold weather kept the resolutioners away. Yay! It's always nice not to have to battle for space and equipment. It was 4 degrees outside when I left the house. On my way home from class it it soared to 5 degrees. I'm not sure what the wind chill temperature was. It didn't matter. I was dressed for “The Yukon,” as my friend Roberta referred to my winter attire after practice yesterday. (What can I say? I have spent a lot of time at soccer fields in the bitter cold. And, since I'm not playing, I have to dress to keep warm.) It was a good class, so I'm glad I made it. I then spent some more time in the basement cleaning and clearing. I don't want to take the Christmas decorations back down until we get some more boxes and junk out. There is still so much to be done down there. And, I have the urge to purge it all.



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