Winter Weather Wherewithal

We are in the middle of an extraordinary weather event, which is apparently called a polar vortex, and is characterized by super cold temperatures, and high winds. The weather reporting leading up to this event has reminded me of the children's story “Chicken Little.” Chicken Little was hit in the head by an acorn, then ran around telling other animals that the sky was falling. This caused a bit of a panic. I believe there has been some concern generated by the weather people around this polar vortex. And, rightly so, I'm sure. However, I think we live in an area that is one of the trickier places to predict the weather. We are constantly preparing for snow storms or other weather systems that miss us. So, as this unusual system started to develop, and it became difficult to pin point exactly who would be impacted, when, and to what extent, I sort of checked out. Don't get me wrong. I made lists and made sure we have, food, water, gas in the car, and other things in case this storm hits us really hard. I know how to dress for cold weather, I know not underestimate it, and will try to avoid being outside as much as possible. But, I am having trouble getting really worried about it. It may be because I do not have to send my little ones out to wait for a school bus in the morning. So, I am not worried as a parent. Although, now the wind gusts are really sounding fierce outside my window. Did I speak too soon? Yikes.

So, the good news about this, though, is that my daughter is still home, and she is a little concerned that her face may freeze on her way into work tomorrow. This is good because having a very bad winter weather scare is giving her information that she wouldn't otherwise care to or need to hear about. It is allowing me to talk about keeping blankets in the car, wearing layers, wearing a hat, and actually dressing for the weather. In short, how to be prepared. Dressing for super cold weather or long cold snaps are not something we are used to doing. Our weather just isn't that bad for that long. So, this is a good exercise for Alyssa. John grew up in upstate New York and me and my parents are from the Mid West. We know how to do bad winter weather. Now, the kids are getting a lesson in how to handle it.



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