Nest Emptying; Feeder Filling; Fitness Fulfilling

I saw this picture in Central Park, NY and it makes me laugh every time I read it.
I think this discussion around lunch time pretty much sums up where we are with adjusting to our Empty Nest:

Me: John, we're out of eggs.

John: Already?!

Me: Yes, I told you they were going fast.

Alyssa: Yes, you guys are “Full Throttle” in the nest. None of that bread in the freezer –which I still don't get– and just four eggs in the fridge. You guys need buy for the full nest.

Well, alrighty then. She makes this declaration the day Alex goes back to school for Spring semester. I thought we were doing a pretty good job of restocking the pantry and fridge/freezer, since the kids came home. Which, to me, means we were doing a better job of eating at home, unlike Empty Nesters, who seem to eat out a lot (like we had been doing when the kids were at school).

Oh well, the egg supply held out so Alyssa and I could both have lunch. We came home from spin class AKA studio cycling hungry/starving. What a fantastic class.

We were actually 12th and 13th on the wait list, so we didn't hold out much hope of actually getting into the class, but we did! Yippee! We had great workouts – it was a Tabata interval workout– to great music. I work so much harder with good music. I think I was the only one singing away while doing the all-out then slow intervals. It sounded like it was Rustin's (the instructor's) first day at that time slot. And, he announced he was going to be leading that class from now on. So, I definitely need to work a little harder to sign up in time and go more often. #HoCoFitness

Here is Rustin smiling away after our awesome workout!

I wasn't careful what I asked for and lo and behold, John and Alex counted at least 7 types of birds, or so they claim, in the yard and at the bird feeder today. I didn't see hardly any of them. They scattered every time I was summoned to the window. As a result of our “success,” the bird food is going and going quickly. So, the word's out in the bird world that, even without a water source, we have food at our house. Come one, come all. I'll be hitting the Wild Bird Center store in Columbia for more bird food very soon. #HoCoBlogs #HoCoBirds #HoCoMD




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