What a Difference a (Snow) Day Makes

Symphony of Lights, Symphony Woods, Howard County, MD

The great thing about that first back to the gym weights workout is the “Yay, I worked out!” pain you feel the next day (and sometimes the day after that one). The not so great thing about when it hurts to walk, sit, stand up, go up and down stairs, brush your hair, and, well, you name it, is that you don't always workout that next day. Today was one of those painful days. I did both a swim practice and a weightlifting class yesterday, which was fantastic. But, today was a snow day, so we had the no-school-no-fitness-class-until-10:45-rule, which meant no swim practice. I managed to get in a workout from lugging Christmas decoration boxes up and downstairs. It was painful, but hopefully I moved enough that I won't be sore (or as sore) tomorrow. It was great to get a jump on taking down the decorations before I got too overwhelmed by what a big undertaking it is. I jumped right in and got as much done as I could. What a great feeling. While I was running around putting Christmas decorations away, I noticed we had a couple of birds checking out our bird feeder. Hurrah! They were camera or people shy, so I had a tough time getting a picture. Finally, I got smart and set the camera up and then walked away until one of the birds flew back to the feeder. Then, I snuck over to the camera and started clicking away. I got a couple of cute shots, I think…well, considering I was using an iPhone 4 perched on my window sill.

Bird at my Bird Feeder

Well, tonight marked the first time in years (or ever) that we didn't have a full car, SUV, or van to drive through the Symphony of Lights holiday lights display in Symphony Woods. It was just John and me. Normally, we have the kids and my mom, and we go before Christmas. Tonight it was just us. We were delighted to see the lights with a snowy backdrop. It was very nice this year. We think they added more light displays. We enjoyed it, although we did miss making it a family affair.



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