Have Bird Feeder, Waiting for the Birds


The bird feeder went up yesterday (officially). It sat on my patio table on Tuesday, but sadly, it did not draw a single bird (beautiful or otherwise). My photograph today is of my new bird feeder, filled with fresh, new bird food, hanging on its new home – a stake with a squirrel deterrent, in the back yard. Notice how popular it is. That's right. I have not seen a single bird yet. And, to top it off, I learned yesterday that the key to my mom's success in the beautiful bird department is that she has created a “spa-like” environment for them. She has several kinds of food to draw different kinds of birds, and she has a heated bird bath. The birds apparently love the heated bird bath. And why not? It sounds delightful. So, in addition to needing to wait until the birds discover my back yard, I need to come up with a “water source.” Which, sounds an awful lot like I need to buy a bird bath. And, if I want happy birds that do cute things in the bird bath, it should be a heated one. There is one glimmer of hope to seeing pretty birds sooner than later. It's snowing. And, it is expected to accumulate. I think it definitely gives me (my yard, actually) an edge in the getting discovered as a food source department.



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