An Exciting Beginning

Many of my fellow bloggers have done really nice retrospectives on their 2013. I think I have shared enough about what I thought and felt about being a new Empty Nester and the year, overall, at least since August when I started this blog. So, instead of looking back, I'm going to look forward and highlight some of the great and interesting things I am looking forward to in 2014 (in no particular order).

First, I'm looking forward to setting some new fitness goals, which I am still formulating. They will definitely include some long swims (over two hours at a time), probably some open water lake swims, weight lifting, yoga, and at least several “destination” Rail Trail bike rides, with my husband and probably with my friend Sue. And, we will see what else sounds good as the year begins. @railstotrails

Next, I am looking forward to continuing to write this blog and my bike trail blog, which is called TheKozBikeTrailBlog. It has our views on different bike trails and photographs from our rides. I look forward to learning more about blogging and the blogosphere. This includes attending local blogger events, like the one organized by HoCoBlogs on January 15th at Alexandra's Restaurant at Turf Valley. This event is for Howard County bloggers and their readers. I can't wait. Oh, and it is taking place during Howard County's Winter Restaurant Week, so we can take advantage of that, too. #HoCoEvents #HoCoFood

I am also looking forward to having beautiful birds come into my back yard to snack at my new bird feeder. My mom has a steady flow of the most beautiful birds in her yard, and I have none. So, hopefully, as I am now armed with my new bird food and bird feeder, I'll be seeing some beauties, too! (Thanks, Mom!)

I am also looking forward to being more comfortable in my new mom role, as commander in chief of the empty nest. The kids have second semester of Freshman year and last semester of Senior year to begin the year, so they will be busy at school. We are not planning to travel as much as we did this past Fall, so maybe we'll clean the basement out or do other much needed household chores/improvements.

Lastly, I am excited to see where my new perspective, new attitude, and new actions take me. This is a very exciting time, and one that I am going to embrace and not fear (more like, mostly embrace, with just a hint of fear). I am excited to stay connected to old friends and see who crosses my path in the new year.

I am happy to have met my “consolation” mileage goal of 275 miles of swimming for 2013. And, was glad to end the year feeling like I was swimming strong and much faster than when the year started.

I hope all of you have a joyous, safe, and awesome New Year, and thanks for following, commenting on, and liking my blog/posts. #HoCoBlogs

Happy New Year!

This photo is of “old friends” at our semi annual Mother/Daughter dinner last night. (From the left: Terri, me, Olivia, Katie, Pat, and Alyssa.)




4 thoughts on “An Exciting Beginning

  1. Happy New Year, Angie! And I’ll see you at the party on the 15th (the RVSP link is here if any of your friends and readers want to come). It’s been really lovely re-getting to know you as an adult after our many years of swim team and soccer team experiences together. xo!

    • Thanks, Jessie! Happy New Year to you too! Looking forward to the party. Thanks for adding the link! I hope a lot of my readers can plan to come, too. I’ve enjoyed re-connecting also. I’m glad to be part of the HoCo Blogging community.

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