Giving it a Rest

The damage the holidays can wreak on fitness routines (and the bodies trying to maintain said fitness routines) can be extensive. It can include modified class and club schedules, travel, and, of course, there are the opportunities to eat, and eat, and eat. The food options tend to lean toward the sweet and heavy. In short, it's a bad time to miss a workout. Nevertheless, I ended up resting today, which meant no yoga. And I really wanted to go to yoga. But, weighing the pros and cons (mostly thinking about my shoulder), it was the right decision. My shoulder felt much better today. After my swim yesterday, I started to do some of the rotator cuff exercises I did last January in physical therapy. It has helped quite a bit. I'd rather not have to go back to PT this January, so I'm going to keep doing the exercises. And, tomorrow, I'm going to get back to my workout routine. Hurrah! I've tried to stay active enough through all the disruptions to my routine to have not done too much damage so far. I guess we shall see when all is said and done. The holidays aren't over yet.



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