Back to My Pool

I just read a delightful post written by a swimmer I follow on Twitter. She tweeted her post on @Swim4g. I started following Susan Moody and her Swim4Good Twitter accounts when she, her husband and a friend were planning to swim the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Africa to raise funds for Worldreader.* I am not a big open water (ocean) swimmer at the moment, but I think someplace deep down inside I might really want to be. In her post today, she, her husband, and another couple swam around Punta Ixtapa, Mexico. (Read her post here: It sounded so nice and fun. And, it seems to me, completely frightening. I would have serious wild life concerns. And, by serious, I mean show stopping, it isn't going to happen concerns. I guess the movie Jaws ruined open water ocean swimming in such an exotic location for me. Or in any ocean location, exotic or not, for that matter. I know there are folks from my Masters group with whom I could plan an ocean swim. I just haven't gotten around to starting the conversation. For the time being, I am happy I was able to get to my pool today. I didn't do much yardage-wise due to some shoulder pain I noticed yesterday that was not better today. Fortunately, I did not feel too much pain while I was swimming, which was a relief. However, I didn't want to overdo it. I've got to get four miles in before January 1st to get to 275 miles for the year. It is a lot less than last year, but it will do. A new year may bring new goals. Who knows? I may even do a nice long ocean swim sometime next year.

For information about Worldreader, visit:



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