Taking Care of Family (Business)

Yesterday was the memorial service for John's Uncle Bob (his Dad's brother), who passed away in November. It was a nice little, family-only service at the chapel where his ashes are interred. Since Uncle Bob was in the army, there was a U.S. Armed Forces Honor Guard funeral flag ceremony at the beginning of the service. Hearing Taps and witnessing such a beautiful and solemn ceremony was very moving. Following the service we drove the short distance to the grave site, which was next to John's paternal grandparents. At least four sets of Great (and Great, Great) Grandparents are also buried in the “Polish Cemetery,” as it is sometimes called, somewhat neat to where we were. John had taken Alex to St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery on a previous visit when John was looking for the headstones of past generations to enhance his family history research. It was a very cold and snowy day, so we weren't able to walk around to visit any other grave sites. In fact, the (sort of) surprise snowstorm left about 3-4 inches of snow in the morning. It finally stopped while we were eating lunch. We had decided to eat at a popular burger restaurant, Grover's, before the memorial service. Luckily, the snow kept the crowds away and we were able to get in and eat right away. Normally, Grover's is so crowded that there is always some kind of wait for a table. My photos are from Grover's. @foodnetwork #dinersdriveinsanddives



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