Embracing Change This Christmas

This was my view from the pool this morning.

Merry Christmas!

This is the first Christmas we woke up in a hotel. It's definitely different. We ate breakfast and then went back to our room to open some gifts. Afterwards, in another first: we did a work out on Christmas Day. Alyssa and I went down to the hotel gym and pool. I did as vigorous a water aerobic workout as I could muster, mindful of the continuing celebrations this evening. After my 40 minute cardio, I did some weight lifting (Alyssa made it look fun…I'm not sure how, but she sucked me into the gym). John came down after a bit to hit the elliptical. Alex, in true teenage guy form, slept till we got back to the room after our workouts. A very different Christmas for us, but I think we are all doing our best to embrace the changes and make it very nice. We are off to the movies now, another first for us on Christmas Day, before heading over to another sister's house for Christmas Dinner.

One other note to add about yesterday, we enjoyed another surprise blessing that afternoon. We went to 4:00 PM Mass at the Church where John grew up, instead of the church where his sister and her family were going. We arrived a little early and the first person we saw was his Aunt Joanne. She was alone (and we sort of were too) so we sat together. It was such a treat! She and John had a great mini visit catching up before Mass started. Such a blessing!



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