Family Travel and a Family Tree

Yesterday was a travel day. We took one of our biggest and best pieces of advice: Enjoy the journey! Take advantage of what you see along the way…So, yesterday, that meant we stopped at the office of the Livingston County Historian, in Mt. Morris, NY to do some family history research. One of the projects I am eager to pursue is to (hopefully) confirm my lineage back to a fellow who was in the Revolutionary War. One of the gentleman we are looking at as a possible link was born in Connecticut, but travelled to the Geneseo, NY area sometime around the early 1800's or so. We were able to pull some information about a brother of his in the hour or so we were with the assistant historian, but unfortunately nothing concrete. We are still searching for clues about where he ended up living and where he married, among other information we are hoping to uncover. So the search continues. The kids were pretty cooperative with our “travel break,” but it was interesting traveling with both adult, grown kids in the same car for a long period of time. First of all, it was a challenge to gather, pack and then, finally load, the big duffles and suitcases, bags of wrapped gifts, a snow board and extra warm clothes, boots, and miscellaneous outerwear. Getting all that to fit in the back of the SUV was interesting. Then, there were the requests to stop at Dunkin Donuts and Chick Fil A for breakfast, and of course we had to stop by the Post Office to mail my Christmas cards. So much for easy load and go. Once we finally got going, both kids fell asleep until we stopped for lunch. Afterwards, one was wide awake and chatty. She was not enjoying being in the car for so long. I had flashbacks to traveling with the kids when they were very young and hated long car rides. I made a mental note to make sure no one drinks coffee on the day of a long car ride.




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