“Ommmmm” For The Holidays

I was very happy to begin my morning with 90 minutes of yoga with my current favorite teacher, Julia. I feel so refreshed, restored and happily peaceful after her classes. Ahhhhh. And, the minute I got home, I was off to the races! I had so many things I thought I was going to get done, it is almost laughable in retrospect (it actually is laughable). I had to stop and think about what I had done yesterday that left me so ill-prepared for today. Well, not so much what I had done, but why I hadn't done more. So, it was really hard (not really) to justify racing over to the pool to get in an hour or so of laps before sitting down to write my Christmas cards. But, I justified it the way most swimmers do, “I'm really close to reaching my year end miles goal.” And, “I will be much easier to live with if I get a swim in during this hectic time of year.” Plus, my husband and son had gone to the football game, and my daughter had rushed off to the gym to do her workout. Why stay home when I can burn some stress and calories of my own? Since I was trying to be in and out of the pool quickly, I felt like I was sprinting the whole workout. This was both good and bad, but mostly good, as I did a good bunch of yards. I also ended up dropping two of my unrealistic To-Do's from my today list. And, I was able to finish my Christmas cards tonight, just as I had hoped. Although, sadly, I did not end up writing nice notes and updates in each one like I had planned. So, perhaps that goes on the New Year's resolution list for next year, as well…maybe.



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