Taking Chances

I found myself thinking about my friend Donna since I received her Christmas card in mail the other day. I hadn't seen her since the summer. I wanted to know how she and her family were doing. I wanted to update her on how we've been doing, as well. Concurrent to me wanting to catch up with her, there was news that a local restaurant was going to be potentially closing. There was a lot of community reaction to this news, including plans for a rally tonight to support the business. This restaurant happens to be in the village where Donna and I grew up. So, after a couple days of these independent thoughts rolling around in my brain, I finally thought, “Ah-ha! I should see if Donna wants to meet me at the rally in support of The Second Chance Saloon on Saturday!” After a day or two of that brilliant thought rolling around, (and by rolling around I really mean “having the thought then almost immediately having other thoughts overtake the first thought.”) I finally called her this afternoon. I ended up leaving a rambling message on her answering machine about this busy time of year but would she like to meet tonight at 5:00 PM at the Second Chance. She called back and was excited to go. I then sent Facebook messages to two other Thunder Hill swim friends from back in the day to invite them. Karla was able to stop in to say hello and to show support for the restaurant. We all had a nice time catching up. Donna and I stayed and enjoyed a tasty dinner. There was a great live band playing. And we saw a bunch of neighborhood folks, who had all come out in support of this gem of a gathering place. The place was hoppin' with folks of all ages, including families with small kids and couples that are our parents' ages. We were also treated to some of the very cute and cool dance moves of some of those younger kids, who were dancing up a storm. It was a fun night. And, what occurred to me on the way home, while I reflected on how delighted both Donna and I were that this spur of the moment plan worked, was how glad I was I finally called her and took a chance she'd be available. I don't always call. I often assume everyone is busy, so I don't bother. This may be another potential New Year's resolution: To do a better job of making plans with people I want to see.



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