Swimmingly Successful Masters Luncheon

This photo is of Sara's amazing pumpkin cookies that she shared with me today!

Well, our annual Masters swim holiday luncheon could not have been better. We had great food, great desserts, and great conversation. It was a bit smaller of a group than last year, but we had a lot laughs. We learned that Erin and her retired military dad have been, in her words, “Empty Nesting” together since August, when her mom traveled to an undisclosed location overseas. She had us in stitches telling stories about her father rehanging her bathroom door, leaving her doorless for three days. Then he had apparently grown tired of seeing the clutter in her room and asked her to get rid of all her stuffed animals and consolidate down to one shelving unit in her own room. What a riot. We talked about our group having a greater social media presence and the opportunities to network with other Masters groups. Pulling some of these folks, including our coach, into this century is going to be a challenge! But, everyone seemed interested and excited at the prospects. So we shall see what happens. Our dessert makers went all out with the butter and sugar, and as a result it was all very delicious.We probably gained 5 lbs each from dessert alone. ML brought a chocolate mint brownie concoction that had enough Creme de Menthe in it to cause post consumption driving concerns. Happily, we all stayed and chatted for so long everyone was fine by the time they left. All of our main dish and appetizer folks were in fine form, as well. Sushi, shrimp salad, meatballs, chili, pulled pork , caesar salad, cheese and crackers, humus and carrots, and I'm sure there was more. It was all so good. Practice beforehand was just as grueling as I had hoped, so there was plenty of pre-burning of calories. All in all it was a very delightful day. @HoCoBlogsh

Here is Sue's masterpiece from today:

From our pool deck to yours…warm wishes to you in this holiday season!!!



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