Focus on Gratitude

This is a photograph of one of my favorite decorated trees at my son's university, High Point University

I am going to begin this post with a focus on gratitude. Our “nest” is full again. Hurrah! Alyssa made the long drive home from school (sort of) by herself. She stayed a couple days after her last exam to give a friend who lives near us a ride home. So, she did have a companion in the car, which was very nice for both her and us. Although, I was still a little anxious, I noticed, until she pulled into the driveway.

I am grateful for getting my swim in this morning. I tried to get as many yards as I could in before time ran out. The swim clock is ticking on a number of fronts, including trying to get to 275 miles before the end of the year. Unfortunately, my calm mood from my swim started to wear off when I was stuck in a traffic jam trying to run a quick errand before our late dinner tonight. But, at least I was able to get everything ready for my Masters swim luncheon tomorrow, so I can have a relaxing morning.

And, I guess I'll end this post with a gratitude focus, as well. I am very excited to consider all the possibilities open to me now. Today was my last day at the swim shop… (unless my manager is super desperate and needs help at a swim meet, and I am available). There are so many projects I have wanted to start but haven't had the time. Now, hopefully, I will have the time and requisite energy. So, while I have (almost) shut one door (all the way), I am excited to see what new door, doors, or windows open for me. Oh, and with regard to Christmas preparations, nothing was done today. So, I am grateful there is still plenty of time to get things done.



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