Making Our Lists and Checking Them Twice

This photo is of the decorative rocks at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Today was our last Learn2Tri group until next year, which hopefully just means until next month. We had two great groups of students from Howard High School. There were about fifteen students in each group. It was the second visit for most of them, and they learned a lot and did very well. And, while their swimming was great, I did not swim Masters today due to a poorly timed, but much needed, hair appointment. However, I am planning to make up for it by making this a four swim week. I haven't had one of those for a couple of months, since I've been trying to get to my Total Conditioning class for the weight lifting. There is another class I can take called Body Pump that would probably be a more intense weights experience, but I haven't figured out how to work it into my current schedule. Maybe getting to that class can be a New Year's resolution for me. In the Christmas preparation department, I was very relieved to get my final package shipped out today. And, I believe it will arrive on Friday, which is super. John and I made several lists, checked them twice, went to several stores, and got back in time to wrap a few gifts (me) and print out our address labels (John). We got everything we needed to move into phase two of baking and onto Christmas cards. This year I have decided to go “Old School” and not send Christmas cards with photos of us. And, my goal is to write a little note in the cards and not just sign, stuff, and send. We will see how that goes. Stay tuned! @HoCoBlogs



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