Busy and Successful Day

Whew. What a busy day. It seems the more I have to do, the more I do and the more I get done. After what I can only characterize as a grueling Masters swim practice (3800yd IM sets), I raced on to grab a few gifts–with a focus on local/small business. I have been seeing a lot of requests on Twitter lately to buy local and decided to do just that for two people on my list. I had to get to work at the swim shop by 2:00 PM. I made it there, and managed to slip in a trip to a normally ultra chaotic shopping mall beforehand. It was a magical, mystery trip. No traffic. No trouble parking. But, the item I wanted was sold out in all three places I checked. So, that was a bummer. After work, I met “the boys” at Red Robin for dinner to celebrate Alex's first semester of college grades. He did great! Afterwards, I was back on the hunt for the elusive gift from earlier. The first store I checked was the Macy's at The Mall in Columbia, and they had it. It went so well, I even had a little time to walk around and think about other gifts I still have on my list to buy. Now, I just need to do some wrapping before it gets too overwhelming. @HoCoBlogs



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