A Glimpse into The Future

I think I caught a glimpse of what possibly could happen to a future Christmas for us Empty Nesters. I am already a little sad about how hard (Read: not as fun) it is to buy gifts for adult kids. It is hard because it isn't hard. They want money for fun things they are planning to do. Or, they may have needed some other big ticket item that we may have had to buy for them already. Either way, those types of gifts, take away from the Christmas Day fun of tearing open presents and seeing what everyone got. We are moving on from that era. Luckily, I did have a chance to buy some gifts for some little ones. But, there is another difference I am noticing. It is not here…yet. But, it will be here soon enough. It is the one that will eventually see John and me doing something (Insert Fun Activity Here: such as, skiing in Canada, going to Disney World, or traveling in Europe) by ourselves. Because, in the next blink of an eye, both of our kids are going to be off with families of their own or friends that invite them to go skiing in Canada or to Europe over the holidays. It is bound to happen. It will be similar to the Christmases before we had the kids. But, it will be also very different. The kids will be home for Christmas for now. We are thrilled to be together, and will enjoy every minute. But we better get our skiing legs ready and renew our passports, because soon enough we are going to need an alternate Christmas plan for the two of us.



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