Holiday Food and Fiestas

It is that party time of year, and I am scanning the recipe books for some good dishes I can take to a couple of gatherings I have coming up. I have my Masters Swimming group’s holiday luncheon on Friday. Swimmers love to eat, but most in our group love to eat only super healthy foods. So, for that reason, and the logistical problem of there being no oven at the pool, I can’t make my new go to party dish – the Crab Triangles. I may whip up a batch for a gathering or two with my husband’s family. That would be a great treat, although I’m not sure many of them are crab lovers. I will need to research that one. So, I think I will go with a shrimp salad (very light on the mayonnaise) for the swimmers. I can have small rolls and a healthier type if cracker to go with it. No need for an oven or crockpot. I’ll put it in a cooler and that will work well. We swim first and then have the luncheon, so we are starving by the time we eat. Most of us work extra hard so we can enjoy all the delicious dishes everyone brings. Well, speaking of the Crab Triangle recipe, I think I promised to include it in a future post.

So here it is:


1 lb Backfin Lump Crabmeat

2 Sticks of Sweet/Salted Butter – Melted*

4 Tablespoons Mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning (Season to taste)

(Can substitute: 1 t. Seasonall & 1 t. Garlic Powder)

2 5oz Jars of Kraft Old English Cheese Spread

12 English Muffins – Cut in half


Melt butter in microwave; Add Old English by the spoonful and cream/beat together; Add Mayo and seasoning and continue mixing. Drain Crabmeat and fold into cheese mixture. Spread onto the English muffin halves.

Put completed muffin halves into freezer to “quick freeze.” They are easier to quarter if they are a little frozen.

Then, quarter them and put in a Tupperware in layers. Put Wax Paper between layers. They can also be stored in Ziplock bags.

To Serve:

The Crab Triangles are meant to go from the freezer to the Oven!

Broil for 3-4 minutes

Serve Immediately


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