On The Edge And Near The Deep End


December, it seems, is moving faster than I can think, plan, shop, wrap, mail and repeat. I am doing some deep, yoga breaths to keep my adrenaline and stress level in check. But, I might be closer to the edge than I'd like to be. Unfortunately, I'll only know how close if I suddenly go off the deep end. I will have some time to pause and re-group after teaching the Learn2Tri swim class tomorrow. It is right after Masters practice, so I will swim and then teach. I'm trying to not panic. I have plenty of time, or so I'm telling myself almost hourly. If I can get either some shopping done or some household chores done by tomorrow night, I'll be feeling on track. And, I am looking forward to tomorrow's Learn2Tri group. It is a repeat high school, but I'm not sure if the kids will be with us for the first time or not. Sometimes we will have more or less the same kids for two sessions. We cover everything from swimming basics to triathlon swim specific tactics to more advanced open water techniques, depending on the abilities of the students. It is a very fluid (no pun intended!), fast moving learning environment. And, it's a lot of fun, too! Who doesn't love a field trip to the pool? @HoCoBlogs @TriColumbia @HoCoHolidays



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