One Hip Mom

The nest is filling up again! I'm back to making dinners that are meaningful to someone rather than just trying to come up with something John and I want to eat. It is so much more satisfying to make a meal that is someone's favorite. I had planned to make a pork roast. But, since Alex isn't a really big pork fan, I opted for tacos, instead. After dinner, we had a YouTube jam session. This is when we play new songs we have heard and liked for each other with the unstated goal of trying to get the other to like the song/s we like. It starts like this: Alex: Mom, have you heard the Bastille song “The Weight of Living”? Me: I don't think so. But Dad and I heard this great song the other night on the Letterman Show. It was by a Scottish group called Chvches. Oh, and I really like the new Lorde song called “Teamwork” or something. Alex: OK, meet me at the computer. We have to look these songs up. And, It turns out I am way hipper than the average mom because the Chvches song I really liked is on the FIFA 14 soundtrack. Alex said he thought it sounded familiar and did a little checking around to see where he had heard the song. The FIFA soundtracks have a lot of traction, for lack of a better word, with fans of the game. The new Lorde song I like is actually called “Team.” It is much better than the Lorde song that Alex likes, which was, according to Alex, “So chill.” I'm more of a beat girl, myself. Chill is OK sometimes. Then, he played a couple more good FIFA 14 songs that had the unmistakeable Euro pop beat, and I missed being young and living in Europe. My Euro dance party ended, and I walked upstairs to find mountains of laundry waiting for me. Courtesy, of course, of my freshly home from finishing his first semester of college son.



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