A Work out Work Around due to Winter Weather

Well, the weather outside is frightful, as the song goes. And, this time of year getting to the pool for my Masters practices and to the gym for yoga and total conditioning is, well, also frightful. It has already become a challenge and it is only early December. Our recreation facilities' inclement weather policy is tied to the school system. So when schools are closed or have a delayed opening, all morning fitness (water-based or not) classes are cancelled. This is the second day in a row schools have been closed. So, that means no Masters. Yesterday, I made the decision to swim laps on my own. It meant going to the “hot pool,” which by Columbia Association standards isn't technically the hot pool. But, compared to the pool I usually swim in, it is hot. Lucky for me, the Main Pool at the Swim Center wasn't too bad. Thank goodness. It's hard enough to swim on my own, but to do so in bath water is awful. I got in a really decent workout and there were only two other gals swimming, so I had a lane to myself. It was a good work out work around due to the winter weather.



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