Christmas Tree Trimmed with Memories

Every one or just about every one of the ornaments on our tree has a story or a memory or a special significance. It may be a reminder of the person who gave it to me/us. It could be how cute or wonderful I thought it was when I picked it out. It could be a gift from someone special. I have an ornament from 1979 that my paternal grandmother gave me. She had them made for each of the grand kids that year. It is a golden bell with my name engraved on it, and Merry Christmas 1979 also engraved on it. I have Baby's First Christmas ornaments for both children, plus a number of ones with the kids names on them. This year I am adding an ornament from each of the universities my kids are attending. Both new additions to the tree this year. As as a result of my new additions every year, I have a number of ornaments that don't get added to the tree anymore. I, of course, have some favorites that are on every year. It is a daunting task to put the ornaments on the tree because of the sheer number I have to choose from. But it is such a nice trip down memory lane. Each of my kids has a small box of ornaments and decorations that are the start of their own special collections for that time when have their own trees to decorate. They can choose to pick out one or two to put on the tree this year or not. I have chosen for them in the past, but they are beyond old enough to add a favorite of their own. We also have a few that are fragile and, while special and meaningful, it is just too risky to include them on the tree. I learned that lesson the hard way. One year our tree tipped over and several of my cherished ornaments were broken. Since then, I've bought fewer breakable ornaments. It ensures no loss of Merry over loss of ornament.



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