In a Merry Mood

I set out today to do some Christmas shopping for our Angel Tree children. I went to Kohl's and was delighted by their deep discounts. As I began searching for the items on the cards, it struck me that I don't have many people to buy gifts for this year. Our kids have shorter (and not necessarily cheaper) lists. We pick names for my husband's side of the family for the adults (all of whom need nothing, really). And all of our kids are older (we are all Empty Nesters, in fact), so there are fewer kids to buy for since they end up in the adult draw. And, my side of the family is smaller to begin with, so not a lot of folks to spread our merry-ness to there. But I like to buy gifts. It makes me happy to find just THE perfect gift. And, I am a firm believer in wise words of Auntie Claus (the protagonist in a delightful book by the same name by Elise Primavera), “And darling, always remember my first and final rule–whether it's birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween, it is far better to give than it is to receive!” So, as I shopped for our “angels,” I thought about Auntie Claus and her gift giving rule and was so glad to have a couple of little ones to shop for. It is so much better to give. I found so many things in the right size and in the right color. And the prices! The prices were very conducive to my shopping spree. I even had a 25% off coupon and two Kohl's cash certificates that made my savings even greater. I am so grateful for this successful and fun shopping trip. It put me in a merry mood!



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