Empty Nest But Still Full

Yesterday morning we took Alex to the train station for his trip back to school to finish up his first semester of college. Last night, we took Alyssa to the airport to finish up her second to last semester of college. As we drove home, John looked at me and said, “Well, back to just the two of us, again.” It still feels a little sad every time they leave the nest. Well, I was thinking about all of the out of town relatives I still had at the house waiting for our return. One of the great side benefits of having this party, in addition to awesome leftovers, was seeing my brother, sister, an aunt and an uncle, who all live far away. It has been so fun to see and visit with them. It definitely felt like the party continued into yesterday. Today, I have tried to get back to my daily routine. I got to Masters this morning. I am just under 800 yards short of 250 miles of swimming for the year. I'll get that knocked off on Wednesday, plus some. But, this afternoon I have been too tired to be very productive. Tonight, we have low-key dinner plans with my parents and brother and sister. We all still feel full from the party leftovers, so no one has come up with a great dinner idea as of now. So we might be real low-key and skip eating altogether. But, probably not. And, shockingly, my panic button regarding how close Christmas is and how little (read: nothing) I've done to get ready, has not been activated yet. So, I'm going to stay as relaxed as possible for one more day. There will be time to panic later.

My photograph today is of my brother, sister, and me before the party Saturday night.



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