Tales From The Happy Hostess

Today, after the most delightful, restorative yoga class, I am re-living the highlights of the party last night with my family. We got high compliments from all of our guests on everything, especially the food we served. We had two trays of London Broil sandwiches from Bon Fresco, in Columbia, MD. I can not say enough about how positive our experience was and how delicious the sandwiches are. We also served a spiral sliced ham that got rave reviews, as well, which was nice. The Crab Triangles were a huge hit and I will be giving the (correct) recipe to at least four people. But, without a doubt, the most noteworthy food we served was the cake. We got it from Touché Touchet, also in Columbia. The cake was so beautifully decorated and tasted so amazing, it was the talk of the party. I literally felt like I needed both Bon Fresco and Touché Touchet business cards to give out. I am so pleased to have worked with such fantastic businesses. They really made it so easy for me as the hostess. Speaking of which, I was fortunate to hire a “Kitchen Angel,” from my friend Linda Eastridge's business by the same name. My Kitchen Angel helped get all the food on the table, kept replenishing the food and stayed ahead of the dishes and trash. What a help she was to have here. So, we are all so grateful and happy with how everything went. We have great memories to cherish heading into Christmas and the new year. As parents of college-aged kids, John and I feel very blessed that they were able to be part of the celebration. Not every couple makes it to that landmark anniversary. Now, both sets of my kids grandparents have done so. It is a nice family legacy. #HoCoFoods #HoCoMD

And, how much do I love my yoga teacher? Lots! I could barely walk this morning because of the pain in my feet and legs from all the running around I did the past two days. What does Julia do? She gives us an hour and a half of, basically, Savasana. I am now doing nothing and am feeling quite content. I am going to try to do nothing but think happy thoughts for as long as possible.



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