Sanity Swim

I woke up early today, probably too early for my own good, to get in a fourth “sanity swim.” A fourth swim for the week, that is. I couldn't get up early enough to swim with my Masters group though. It is just way too early for me. Alyssa wanted to swim with me and then hit the stores for some Black Friday deals. So that was the extra motivation I needed to get out of bed. However, I did not see myself making it through a long shopping adventure. There was still too much to do. I had not yet gotten the energy to make the crab triangles for the party tomorrow night. Yes, The Party is tomorrow night. I am suppressing the panic, as I write this post. Oh boy, do I have a lot to do! Anyway, the crab triangles are meant to go from the freezer to the oven. That meant that I actually had to get them prepared and in the freezer. After a very unsuccessful trip to The Mall, during which I did not find an outfit to wear for the party and my glasses broke, I was FINALLY able to make the darn crab triangles. They looked very tasty. I got them in the freezer just as my Uncle Joe called to tell me my Aunt and Uncle from the mid west had arrived and were on their way to my mom's house to surprise her. Hurrah! The surprise finally happened so I can stop worrying about who knows what! I was able to get to my parent's house before the visitors, so it was perfect. Mom was shocked and happy. All is good. And, I was able to spend a couple hours visiting too. My swim this morning worked wonders. It got me through the Black Friday shopping experience and got me calm enough to get things done! We are in the final hours leading up to the party. Enough with the useless thinking about what needs to get done and wondering how and if it all will. Time to just do it and hope it all falls into place. My photograph is of the uncooked and not yet quartered Crab Triangles.



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